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This Site

Just a simple info site dedicated to the band... or at least that's how it started!

When I discovered Zabadak's music a few years ago, I was disappointed to find a virtual lack of information on them in English. After creating a LJ community with a friend, I decided to sit down and fill in in that hole myself. While my Japanese is far from perfect, it can at least provide a discography and basic info - and at least one relevant link for them on Google :)

This site focuses both on the releases of Zabadak and the solo works of its members. While I've strived to provide a comprehensive discography, do note the contributed works sections are not complete. Due to time/space constraints, I've instead focused on those works that English-speaking audiences would be most familiar with.

Font used in the banner and graphics is Mia's Scribblings.

Thanks & Credit
Thanks to wao for tracklist & lyrics translations, & namame for more lyrics!
Any questions, comments, contributions? You can email me at: nemissa at gmail dot com

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